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We’re Here To Help When You Need It

Call Our 24-hour Hotline: 1-800-661-8294

We will be here whenever you are ready to take the next step on your journey. Our crisis line is free of charge and completely confidential. You don’t even have to provide us with your name.

Whether you just want someone to talk to, or you need help getting out of an unsafe situation, our women’s advocates are always here for you.

Our 24-hour 1-800-661-8294 crisis line offers:

  • Supportive counselling;
  • Safety planning;
  • Referrals to legal and financial services, and other professional services; and,
  • No-charge access to a shelter.

Emergency Shelters: Leave the Violence in Your Life Behind

Our shelters are conveniently located near schools, parks, public transit, medical services and shopping. Inside each shelter, we have a children’s playroom, full kitchen, laundry facilities, internet, and cable. All in a home-like environment.

Each shelter provides a family environment for community living. All women and children are welcome. Our facilities are accessible and we welcome people of all cultures and backgrounds. Our diverse staff  are made up of women who are fluent in many languages. Additionally, we provide interpretation services for all languages.

Some of the services we provide in our shelters include:

  • A home-like environment;
  • Food, clothing, linen, personal items;
  • Housing support;
  • Access to legal and financial clinics;
  • Identification clinics;
  • Employment supports;
  • Personal needs allowance;
  • Support groups; and,
  • Child and youth services.

During your stay at our shelter, we will help you set up safe housing and community supports.

Other Services: Helping You Get Back to Being You

Our Community Programs offer a broad range of services to support  and empower women and their children to transition to a life free of violence.

At Sandgate, you will be believed and supported.

We provide advocacy, safety planning, and support to help women end abuse in their lives. We help women gain access to critically important community resources. And we actively advocate and provide public education throughout York Region. We do this by organizing events, workshops, and learning initiatives to raise awareness and encourage action to stop violence against women.

Domestic assaults in York Region have surged 25%.

Our women and children need you more than ever.

Please donate  today.  Thank you.


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